H4N9M4N – Game Jam Build Download

H4N9M4N is a creepy ASCII styled game of first person Hangman, where you search a strange village for letters to help you guess words and escape an execution.

Created for the Hangman game, H4N9M4N is a creepy little twist on the age old game of Hangman. In the game you take on the role of a prisoner who is due to be executed, but if you can guess the randomly selected word then you’ll be granted a pardon.

H4N9M4N game plays similarly to a traditional game of Hangman, but in order to guess letters you first need to find them. They are each located in randomized areas of the creepy ASCII styled game world. If you select a correct one then it will help fill out part of the word at the top of the screen. Pick a wrong letter and another section will be added to the hangman’s block on the left of the screen.

If you fill out the full hangman’s block then a weird red monster will start chasing you and if you don’t get back to the starting tower then it’s game over. Similarly, you can guess the word at any time by going to altars that are scattered around the world, but you only get one chance – get it wrong and you’ll be executed!

It is a little too easy to escape the monster, but on the whole it’s a great little twist on the classic game of Hangman. The ASCII visual style is excellent and it has plenty of replayability thanks to the randomised letter placement and the randomly selected words. A creepy little game of Hangman well worth hanging with.

Download H4N9M4N Here (Windows & Mac)