Habroxia – Beta Demo

Habroxia is a good old fashioned arcade shoot ’em up where you blast aliens in vertically and side-scrolling levels.

The arcade shoot ’em up gameplay in Habroxia draws aspiration from classics like Gradius and R-Type. You pilot your ship on missions throughout the galaxy and battle the aliens that have invaded it. Along the way you’ll unlock permanent upgrades that will aid you in future missions.

Habroxia has a clever weapons system that allows you to use three different bullet patterns on the fly (horizontal, spread and vertical). This makes things a little more tactical as different patterns are more suited to different enemies.

The only issue at the moment is that the power-ups feel a little lacklustre. The permanent upgrades may help with this but a little more visual flair as you power-up your firepower would be welcome. Aside from that though it’s a very promising game that plays like an arcade classic. And you won’t need a bunch of quarters to play it!

Download The Habroxia Beta Demo Here (Steam)