Hadr – Beta Demo

Hadr is an innovative physics based puzzle game where you essentially control a magician’s cloth, allowing you to make any object that you fully cover vanish!

Telling a story about the unpredictability of a magic trick, Hadr allows you to control magic floating cloths that can make whatever they cover vanish. The cloths are simulated in real-time with some satisfyingly realistic cloth physics and you can switch between control of multiple cloths on a single level.

The current build of Hadr is fairly short, with a single level that and takes around 5-10 minutes to play through (depending on your cloth maneuvering skills). It’s cleverly constructed and does a great job of showing off the gameplay and the creative puzzle design that can come with your cloths’ object vanishing abilities. One nice touch is that when one cloth isn’t big enough to cover a larger object then you country to use multiple cloths to cover it.

It’s a fairly minimalistic and simple looking game, but the cloths are a real pleasure to see in motion. It’s a very chilled out experience and the moment you make an object disappear is very satisfying.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hadr Beta Demo Here (Steam)