Hair of the Dog – Game Jam Build Download

Hair of the Dog is an inventive old school point and click adventure with a day/night cycle that takes place in real-time as you attempt to find a cure for your Jekyll and Hyde-esque disposition.

Created for the AdventureX Jam, Hair of the Dog is a lighthearted point and click adventure that takes place in Victorian London and draws inspiration from the tale of Jekyll and Hyde. In the game you follow the adventure of Cummberbund Bandersnatch, a gentleman who drinks a mysterious serum in his uncle’s laboratory and finds that he transforms into a hairy monster between the hours of 8pm and 8am.

This transformation takes place in real-time, so if you load up the game during the daytime then Cummberbund will be in his normal human form and if you load it up during the evening then he’ll be a hairy monster. The human and monster forms both have different abilities (talking and sniffing) and the environment also changes between day and night. You’ll need to use both forms to solve the puzzles and hopefully find some way to cure yourself.

It’s a great little adventure with excellent voice acting, high quality pixel art animation, a great sense of humor and novel day/night mechanics. It harkens back to the glory days of the Lucasarts/Sierra point and click adventures but also introduces some great new ideas of its own.

Download Hair of the Dog Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)