HairLab 2D – Alpha Demo

HairLab 2D is a fun little chilled out game where you can cut, color and style the glowing multicolored hair of three odd hairy characters.

If there’s one criticism that can be levelled at real-life hair then it’s that it doesn’t glow and pulse with a fiery neon intensity. Thankfully the creator of HairLab 2D have rectified this evolutionary oversight, and it allows you to cut and sculpt the fiery neon hair into all manner of crazy hairstyles.

The current build of HairLab 2D gives you access to three hairy characters, each of which you can freely give haircuts to. You can choose from a selection of hair colors, use scissors to cut the hair and a comb to sculpt it into whatever shape you want, all accompanied by a wonderfully chilled out soundtrack.

It’s a great little game that makes for a very relaxing and meditative experience. There are no objectives – you just play around with the settings and your hairdressing equipment to create the haircuts of your dreams. See what masterpieces you can create!

Download The HairLab 2D Alpha Demo Here (Windows)