HAL Docking Simulator – Game Jam Build

HAL Docking Simulator, a 2001: A Space Odyssey themed spaceship dating simulator made in a game jam at the London College of Communication, has you attempt to chat up other ships so you can dock with them.

In HAL Docking Simulator you take on the role of HAL, sent on a mission by Dave to gain information about other ships. You can do this by getting close to them and hopefully docking with them – but first you will need to say things that they like and avoid topics of conversation that they don’t like. You are transported into a sector with three other ships; each one a different type with different information.

Unlike when talking to humans, you are able to scan the ship before engaging, learning base level information so that you can start the conversation prepared. From there, you must talk to the ship in a way the ship likes to be spoken to. Each of them have different personalities; some liking humans, some disliking them, some with different capabilities and insecurities. If you choose the wrong dialogue, the ship will distance itself or stop communicating all together. If you do please the ship, however, it might move close enough to you to dock – so you can gain as much information as possible.

It’s a fun little game, with a charming premise and a nice sense of humor. It’s nice to see HAL’s softer side for a change – he can be quite nice when he’s not murdering astronauts! He isn’t the most outgoing ship, but he has a mission to complete. Can he find a way to please all of these ships?

Play HAL Docking Simulator Here (Browser)