Half-Life: Another Story – Alpha Download (DOOM Mod)

Half-Life: Another Story is a fantastic DOOM total conversion mod where a HECU soldier fights their way through the ruins of the Black Mesa facility.

In Half-Life: Another Story you are a soldier whose chopper crashed en-route to the Black Mesa facility. You now need to search the facility, blast monsters and hopefully find some means of escaping in one piece. Taking around an hour to play through, the current build features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and delivers a pretty polished experience.

The combat knife is a little overpowered and it would be nice if you could weild a crowbar, but it’s a remarkable mod, which does an incredible job of recreating the setting, monsters and vibe of Half-Life in the GZDoom engine. The level design is excellent and really feels like you’re travelling through the facility, rather than just maps with Half-Life styled textures. Highly recommended.

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Half-Life: Another Story Here (Requires GZDoom & a Doom Wad)