Halo Infinite – Open Beta (Steam & Xbox)

Halo Infinite is now in open Beta on Steam and Xbox, so now everyone can download it and jump in for some multiplayer Sci-Fi Spartan shootouts!

The Halo Infinite Beta features Season 1 (titled Heroes of Reach) and is playable on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. The Beta is open to all (so not Gamepass subscription needed) and features all of the multiplayer game modes, so the only thing you won’t get access to is the single-player campaign.

As you can expect Halo Infinite is a very good multiplayer shooter and it plays well on console or PC. It also has lots of cool customization options and will offer regular seasonal updates with new maps, weapons and equipment. Time to jump on that Warthog and roll out!

Download The Halo Infinite Open Beta on Steam or via the Xbox Game Store