Halo Online (ElDewrito) – Beta Download

Halo Online (ElDewrito) is a fan made community driven Halo game based on the official (cancelled) Halo Online game which allows players to take part in a wide variety of highly customizable multiplayer Halo matches.

The original Halo Online was a free-to-play online multiplayer FPS derived from Halo 3 and only intended to be released in Russia (we actually covered the Beta Sign Up back in 2015). It was cancelled before it saw a full release, but passionate Halo fans have been working hard to resurrect it and make it better than ever.

Halo Online (ElDewrito) features Halo 3’s game engine, lots of classic and custom maps and a massive 32 different game modes. It also has a Forge mode and has extensive modding support so you can expect to see some crazy stuff during matches.

It’s still a work in progress and can be a little bit buggy, but it’s still great fun and the PC hasn’t seen a Halo FPS since Halo 2 – so it’s a very welcome addition. Whether Microsoft will allow work on Halo Online to continue is another matter though, so it may be best to get in on the action now while you still can!

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Download The Latest Halo Online Beta Here (Windows)