Hand of Pain – Game Jam Build Download

Hand of Pain is a fun little third person shooter that looks a lot like a first person shooter, as you take control of a disembodied hand that blasts baddies in bullet-time in a weird vaporwave wireframe world.

Created for the Unexpected Jam, Hand of Pain is a short and strange little shooter where a hand with a handgun goes on a baddie-blasting rampage. Your little hand walks on two fingers and uses the rest to carry and operate the gun. It only takes one shot to kill you but you’re small and agile, plus you can activate bullet-time for short periods of time to give you an advantage.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little game that would be great for expanding on. There are some fun surprises and some great little touches – such as the reloading animation and way you start the game atop a small platform to give the perspective that you’re playing a traditional FPS. It’s like Master Hand has been watching too many John Wick movies!

Download Hand of Pain Here (Windows)