Handcop – Prototype Download

Handcop is a lighthearted third person shooter that looks like a first person shooter, with you controlling a hand who is a cop and carries a big gun!

An expansion of the Hand of Pain! game jam prototype by the same developer, Handcop is a third person shooter where (as the title suggests) you are a hand who is a cop. You take on the role of Michael McWrist as he’s sent out on calls on the dangerous streets of LA with his partner (who offers assistance over the radio).

You may be small, but you’re agile and (perhaps most importantly) you can carry a gun, which you use to dispatch the robots (and giant flying cybersharks???!?!) that roam the streets. You can also activate a bullet-time ability that can be handy in tricky situations.

At the moment the lasers that the enemies fire are a little too hard to dodge and hard to anticipate (which gets a little irritating as they kill you instantly). Bullet or projectile based weapons would probably work better as they’d give you a little time to dive out the way of them. It would also be nice if the lighting was increased around your character (or if they wore lighter clothes) so you could see their little finger movements better.

Aside from these small issues, Handcop shows a lot of promise though, with its wonderfully wacky premise, fast paced gunplay, a great sense of style, the excellent voice acting and lots of hilarious hand-based gags. Handcop proves you don’t need no-body if you have a good hand handy!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Handcop Prototype Here