Handdogg – Prototype Download

Handdogg is a tricky physics-based platformer where a dog with a stretchy grappling hand tongue attempts to swing its way to freedom.

In Handdogg you take control of the titular Handdogg – the result of a mad scientist’s experimentation in fusing together a hand and a dog. While the results do look a little odd, it does mean that you can use your hand-tongue to grab and swing from structures.

The current build of Handdogg features six large levels that offer a real challenge as you jump and swing your way through them. There’s a nice variety of different elements to deal with – such as areas that you can’t latch onto, moving grapple points, structures that phase in and out of play, and boost points that can fling you in different directions (whether you want them to or not!)

Hopefully the environment is just a placeholder as it looks very basic and it’s at odds with your character’s charming black & white doodle aesthetics. Other than that though, Handdogg it off to a great start – the grappling mechanics are a lot of fun, the level design is inventive and your weird little character is kinda adorable. A tricky little tongue-swinging platformer well worth checking out.

Download The Handdogg Prototype Here (Windows)