Handshakes – Game Jam Build

Handshakes is a clever grid-based sokoban-esque puzzle game where you attempt to make two characters with long wobbly arms shake hands.

In each level of Handshakes your aim is to make 2 characters shake hands. Each character has a long wobbly arm which you can extend and attract through the levels. You control one character’s hand with the WASD keys and the other character’s hand with the arrow keys. The arms can only be extended to certain lengths though so you need to figure out workarounds to bypass obstacles. Things start off fairly easily but things get much trickier once switches, pushable crates and tactical amputations are introduced.

The core mechanics of Handshakes are fairly simple and easy to get the grips with. But the cleverly crafted levels are packed full of inventive puzzles that will really test your grey matter. It’s a great little puzzler and the simple act of shaking hands has never been so tricky!

Play Handshakes Here (Browser)