Happy Hell – Prototype Download

spooky poos

Happy Hell is a fun (and rather gross) Mario 64-esque 3D platformer that sees you helping Spooky Poo the cat escape 9 levels of hell.

You’ll have to descend through nine different levels of hell, solving puzzles, fighting some rather odd monsters, and battling bosses.  All 9 levels of Happy Hell have at least 6 goals that can be completed in many ways.  Complete these goals and you’ll be rewarded with a ‘Good Thing’ (think power stars in Mario 64, or the Jiggies in Banjo-Kazooie.)

Still very early in development, the visual design is excellent, with a soft and very cartoonish style, which gives the game a pleasant feel (despite being in Hell and fighting snot-shooting flying noses and disembodied feet.)  Another nice touch is the cool upgrades that you’ll acquire, unlocking some very handy supernatural powers, from telekinesis to flight – each one slightly altering your characters appearance.

Being a prototype, it does obviously have some rough edges, but overall, it’s a stylish, fun and challenging game that recalls the glory days of the 3D action platformer.  Keep an eye on this, Happy Hell could very well end up being platforming heaven.

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Download The Happy Hell Prototype HERE (Controller Recommended)