Happy New Year!

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It’s been an exciting year at Alpha Beta Gamer, we’ve played a LOT of games, had a lot of fun and hopefully helped spread the word about cool games that are worth shouting about.  Thanks for sticking with us and playing the games we feature on the site, it really does mean a lot!

We’d like to give a special shout out to anyone who’s ever helped spread the word about ABG, if it wasn’t for awesome guys like Squeezie, AlChestBreach, IHasCupquake, YogsCast and many, many more amazing YouTubers and Tumblr followers, we wouldn’t be half the site we are at the moment.

We’re actually hard at work trying to sort out a a special YouTube page on the site that will allow everyone to easily find any gameplay videos made by followers of the site.  So devs can easily watch gameplay videos (it’s a great way to get feedback on a game) and to help highlight some lesser well known Let’s players who put out quality content, like JNR-SNR Gaming, Oedipal, thekillerbitsxGD0G and BeatDaBest.

If you like the content we feature on Alpha Beta Gamer, you should also check-out some of the other stuff our writers do!  Leo also writes for KSalue, a great site for finding cool indie gems as well as mainstream gaming articles.  Zack writes at VideoGameNostalgia, makes game textures and is also hard at work developing a very cool indie game which we’ll cover on ABG soon.   There’s also Jupi, who plays ALL the GameJam games (or as many as she can physically manage anyway) – seriously, check out her awesome YouTube channel, she gets through a TON of games.

As for me, I’m a little busy to have many side projects, but I’m overjoyed that this little site has grown so much and found such a dedicated fan base.  You guys all rock!  From all at ABG, we wish you an awesome new year filled with happiness, joy and loads of cool games!  :)

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  1. I have done Let’s Plays based on some of the indie games you suggest and can’t thank you enough for the hot tips! Have a great 2015.

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