HappyFile – Game Jam Build

HappyFile is a fun little puzzle game that sees you arranging applications on your desktop to allow a lost file to make its way back to your computer.

The puzzle platforming gameplay in HappyFile is similar to Lemmings, but instead of trying to help hundreds of lemmings make their way home you have to guide one file across your desktop back to your computer. You have no control of the file itself, but you can open and arrange different programs – Blocky and Jumpy.

The Blocky programs can be used as barriers or platforms, while the Jumpy program ban be used to propel the file up in the air. Each program has a cooldown period after they’ve been used before you can move them and you may have to close some programs to free up enough RAM in your computer to accept the file.

The puzzles in HappyFile aren’t the most challenging and as there are only two different programs you can use a lot of them are quite similar, but it’s a fun little game that makes great use of its faux Windows 95 desktop environment. A clever little desktop based puzzler well worth booting up.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play or Download HappyFile Here (Windows & Browser)