Hard West 2 – Beta Demo

Hard West 2 is a weird west turn-based tactical adventure that delivers a remarkably dynamic and flowing take to the genre.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Hard West 2 is a much improved sequel to the well received 2015 original. In the game you take control of a posse of supernatural outlaws and set out for a big score – a legendary ghost train that’s told to be loaded with federal gold. It won’t be easy, but your posse more than has the skills to pull it off.

The core gameplay of Hard West 2 has a similar movement/action points system as X-Com, but there’s much more of a flow to the gameplay and there are some very cool tactical options (such as ricocheting bullets off objects). The demo build starts with your robbing a train and it really impresses with its sense of speed and action.

It’s a very promising game, with tons of style, plenty of action and plenty of depth. It turns the traditionally slow-paced turn-based tactics genre into a thrilling experience, whilst not skimping on the tactics.

Download The Hard West 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)