#HardCrash – Game Jam Build Download

hardcrash game download

#HardCrash, a stylish and chaotic isometric racing game made for the Games Jam Kanobu 2017, has you power-sliding around tracks, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake!

In #HardCrash you get to choose from a selection of cars, from monster trucks to rally cars, then race around one of two courses. You are able to race against three opponents – either some of your friends, some bots, or a mix. Each of these players can select a car before taking off on the track of your choosing.

These tracks are full of different objects like signs, cars, small buildings, all of which you can crash into and destroy. When you break a building, it smashes into pieces and the rubble littles the racetrack – causing obstructions for other drivers, and with a little skill you can sometimes knock your opponent into one of these obstacles to slow them down.

#HardCrash is a simple little game with only a couple of tracks and a handful of cars, but the tail-happy handling, stylish visuals and collision-based carnage makes for a very enjoyable racing experience. A joyful little racer that’s well worth taking for a spin.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available