Hardline Gunner – Alpha Build


Hardline Gunner is a tough top-down arcade shooter with fast bullet hell gameplay, challenging enemies and stylish minamalistic visuals.

We first featured Hardline Gunner last year, and found it to be a blast.  The dev has just released a new build complete with 9 new levels and a boss fight.  It’s still a pretty tough game, but ultimately fair – if you die it’s pretty much your fault.

You’ll have to take care as you explore levels as the line of sight mechanism means you’ll never know what’s behind the next corner.  As well as shooting, you also have a handy temporary shield which can be used to deflect bullets – you really have to make use of this if you want to stand a chance of surviving.

Still in the early stages of development, Hardline Gunner is shaping up very well – a stylish shooter, full of hardcore bullet hell square-on-square action.  Hardline Funner.

Download the Hardline Gunner Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)