Hardwork Simulator – Game Jam Build

Hardwork Simulator is a quirky little game where you try to type out a document while also dropping letters on angry stickmen who are trying to destroy your hard work.

Created for Ludum Dare 49, in Hardwork Simulator you mash the keys on your keyboard to type out a document. This part of the game is very easy, but you also have to deal with the chaos that unfurls at the bottom of the screen as a bunch of angry stickmen try to sabotage your work!

The stickmen move around the bottom of the screen and throw mouse pointers at the words you’ve written. If the pointers hit your document then you’ll lose a big chunk of letters from it. However, you can sacrifice individual letters and drop them on the pointers and the stickmen to defend your document. You need to be careful though – if too many letters drop then you’ll get a blue screen of death.

It’s a very clever concept uses its pseudo-Word interface very inventively. Maybe Microsoft can add it as a feature to Word. Sure, it would make typing documents much longer, but it would be a lot more fun!

Play or Download Hardwork Simulator Here (Windows & Browser)