Harmonia Tactics – Alpha Demo

harmonia tactics 1

Harmonia Tactics is a wonderfully animated tactical turn based strategy game where you take control of a small force and defeat your enemies with superior tactics and planning.

In-game, time flows similar to active battle time in Final Fantasy VII, using real-time when exploring, but switching to turn based combat when in battle.  It’s recommended to play the tutorial, as it does a good job of introducing the game mechanics, emphasising that during battle, character selection, ambushing and positioning are key factors to your success.  At the moment you can play single and multiplayer modes, including Scenarios, ‘Tower War’, ‘Cheesetopia’, and ‘Battle Arena’.

In ‘Tower War’ you choose to be on the red or blue team, with red tower’s army against the blue tower’s army for superiority.  You control three characters from your side of different classes, and must battle the other team in hectic, but fun turn based combat.  ‘Cheesetopia’ is an intriguing mode that’s effectively a horror/survival RPG set in an abandoned base where you must solve the mystery of the base’s unfortunate inhabitants’ demise.  The final mode, ‘Battle Arena’ is a good way to experience Harmonia’s battle system, with you defeating hordes of monsters and upgrading your team as you take on the 15 round arena.

There is also a sprite editor you can access from the main menu to use custom sprites for the characters you control.  Hopefully someday we will also be able to create our own modules because Harmonia Tactics seems like a game that would be just as fun to mod as to play (and it’s certainly plenty of fun to play).

Download the Harmonia Tactics Alpha Demo HERE