Harmony’s Odyssey – Beta Demo

Harmony’s Odyssey is a delightful little puzzle game where you rearrange scrambled jigsaws of 3D dioramas as you go on an odyssey through mythical lands.

There are two main puzzle types in Harmony’s Odyssey– jigsaw-esque 3D tile puzzles and spot the difference. The spot the difference levels are pretty self explanatory and the Jigsaw style levels see you swapping tiles around to get them to form a cohesive 3D diorama. Each of the dioramas are bursting with life and packed full of great little details, and they help flesh out the game’s fantasy world and the mythical creatures that inhabit it.

There’s a sizable chunk of gameplay in the Harmony’s Odyssey demo build and it makes for a very pleasant and chilled out puzzle experience. It’s clear a lot of work has gone into crafting each scene and it’s a real joy piecing together each one and watching it come to life. A charming chilled out puzzler well worth checking out.

Download The Harmony’s Odyssey Beta Demo Here (Steam)