Harold Halibut – Beta Demo

Harold Halibut is a narrative-driven retro-futuristic Sci-Fi adventure with a very cool stop-motion visual style, where humanity has built a colony under the sea of a distant water planet.

In Harold Halibut you take on the role of the titular Harod – a downtrodden lab assistant who lives on a city-sized spaceship under the surface of an alien ocean. The ark-like spaceship was dispatched from the Earth 250 years ago while humanity was on the brink of extinction. Unfortunately the planet they had selected to colonize ended up having no land masses on it, so they were forced to build a colony under the sea. Now it appears a ground-breaking discovery may change the course of the colony forever.

The actual gameplay in Harold Halibut is pretty basic. There are some puzzle elements, but it largely feels like an interactive cinematic adventure most of the time. It’s a very well made one though, with a very unique visual style, beautifully crafted environments and excellent voice acting. The story is pretty slow paced, but intriguing, and the worldbuilding of the retro-futuristic underwater civilization is fantastic. A slow burn, but it’ll get you hooked.

Download The Harold Halibut Beta Demo Here (Steam)