Harvest Doom – Game Jam Build Download

Harvest Doom is a fast paced, stylish and addictive vertically scrolling roguelite action game where you control an unidentified flying saw-blade that you use to harvest weed and shred your way through any humans (and cows) that get in your way!

Created for the Disc Room Game Jam by Arabon (creator of the excellent Project Starship X game) Harvest Doom is a fast paced saw-em-up where you become an alien who shreds their way through 10 tricky procedurally generated levels while on drugs. Your only weapon is the circular saw on your spaceship, which you can use to cut through weed crops and to attack any other obstacles and enemies that get in your way. It has a short cooldown period though so you need to time your attacks carefully – especially later on when enemies come thick and fast.

As you slice your way through Harvest Doom’s ten procedurally generated levels you’ll collect lots of goodies (weed, pills and hearts) and at the end of each stage you can stop at a stall to choose between two random upgrades. All the while a catchy remixed version of Also Sprach Zarathustra (that song from 2001: A Space Odyssey) plays in the background, adding to the epicness (and ridiculousness) of the on-screen carnage.

It’s a great little game which delivers a fun and chaotic twist on the classic arcade shoot ‘em up. It’s got tons of style (and lots of different palette options) and it impresses with its easily accessible, but challenging gameplay as you embark on your epic weed-fuelled rampage!

Download Harvest Doom Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)