Harvest – Game Jam Build Download

Harvest-game download

Harvest, a survival game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you building a farm to survive with only some seeds, a hoe and a gun.

You are left in a strangely deserted world. Around you, there are crates, a hoe, and a gun. This is just enough supplies to set up and guard your own farm. With a hoe, you are able to make plots of land, then break boxes with your gun to find seeds. These seeds will make wheat – your new main source of food, so I hope you like bread! You will also get pretty thirsty working on a farm, so you must drink from nearby rivers to keep hydrated.

You are not the only one desperate for food though. Birds start to come, eating loose seeds or pecking at your plants. Strange black bunnies also try to eat seeds or your plots. Both of these animals must be shot with your gun and killed. As the days go by, other enemies like zombies come, needing to be eradicated. Once you have grown some wheat, you can use your hoe to pick it. The plant will also drop a new seed for you to plant, so you do have a fair chance to survive.

Harvest is quite challenging, but lots of fun. The music and large blocky pixel art really add a lot of character to the game.  How many days will you be able to survive?

Note: Remember you’ll need to break the crates by hitting them with a hoe or shooting them with your gun to get at the seeds!

Download Harvest Here (Win, Mac & Linux)