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HASTE is a wonderful speed-run focused first person parkour game where speed really is of the essence.  Stop moving and time moves normally, but continue running and time slows down to a bullet-time style crawl.

Due to the many hazards, you’ll die a lot in HASTE, but this just pushes you to do better next time, with it’s addictive one-more-go mentality.  The areas are cleverly designed, with no immediately obvious route through them – you have to discover the best route by yourself with no hand holding.  This gives you a nice sense of achievement when A) you work out the route, and B) you get there without dying.

Behaving like a polar opposite to SuperHot (another excellent game), the time-only-moves-when-you-stop gameplay of HASTE adds a real sense of urgency.  Life won’t just pass you by when you stand still in HASTE, it’ll punch you in the face.  It’s a tough game, but it’s addictive nature means that you’ll keep on coming back for more, getting further with each attempt, then setting your sights on that elusive leaderboard.  It’s a super hard adrenaline-fuelled experience – hardcore parkour.

Watch Our Speedrun of the First Area (and immediate death in the second) HERE

Play the Original GameJam build in a Unity Supported Browser HERE

Download the Latest & Vastly Different Haste Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)

2 thoughts on “HASTE – Prototype Download”

  1. This was the best parkour based games ive seen in years, keep up the good work.
    (note: the part where the copter shoots the hallway and it falls is too hard for most people)

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