Haunted Garage – Alpha Download

Haunted Garage is a wonderfully whimsical little musical point and click adventure where you gather an assortment of strange musical instruments, then set them up and create your own music.

You spend your time in Haunted Garage in two separate areas – a 2D woodland environment and an isometric musical sandbox. In the woodland then you can find useful objects, chat to quirky characters, solve puzzles and collect musical instruments. It’s quite a small area, but each time you enter there’s a new character to talk to or something new to do.

The isometric sandbox area starts off totally empty, but each time you find a new musical instrument you can place it in the area and set it up to play an audio loop, much like in a music sequencer. The instruments start off fairly simple, but as you progress they get more outlandish and figuring out how to operate them can be a puzzle in itself.

The hand drawn artwork in Haunted Garage is fantastic and it’s a very clever concept. There’s a real joy to collecting each new instrument and playing around with them to create your own little melodies. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play or Download The Haunted Garage Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Browser)