Hauntii – Beta Demo

Hauntii is a beautifully animated twin-stick adventure where you use ghostley powers to traverse a strange spirit world in search of answers.

In Hauntii you are a brave little ghost who is in search of answers. The mysterious two-tone spirit realm you live in is home to a race of creatures called Eternians, who guide spirits such as yourself to a vast tower that’s said to allow them to a higher plane. However, it seems that this may not be the truth…

The demo build of Hauntii features around 15 minutes of content and really impresses with its spellbinding visuals and intriguing spirit world. It is technically a twin-stick shooter, but generally you’ll be shooting static objects to break them or possess them. Possessing objects allows you to move them or activate them in certain ways that often come in useful for solving puzzles or destroying stuff.

The puzzles on offer in the demo are pretty simple and there’s not a whole lot of challenge in general, but hopefully the gameplay will get a little more complex later on. Possessing objects is a very cool mechanic and the worldbuilding and visual design is superb. A Ghostly adventure that will lift your spirits.

Download The Hauntii Beta Demo Here (Steam)