Hawk 51 – Game Jam Build Download

Hawk 51 is a lighthearted 80’s B-movie inspired horror adventure where your car breaks down in a small town near Area 51, which has been invaded by tentacle monsters, slimes and green alien women who want to “clap cheeks” with you!

Created for the Hawktober Game Jam, in Hawk 51 you follow the adventure of Canadian author H.“Hawk” Hawkins whose car breaks down in a town near area 51 on his way to a book signing in Vegas. While searching for help it soon becomes apparent that something is seriously wrong in the town – it’s been invaded by weird shape shifting aliens, tentacles and slimes which either want to kill you or screw you!

Hawk 51 takes around 30 minutes to play though and sees you exploring the town, scavenging useful resources and fighting the aliens. On your adventure you’re also accompanied by a stray dog that you befriend, who follows you and comes in handy now and again for collecting resources. Ammo and health pick-ups are fairly plentiful so it’s not too hard, but you need to master the use of your shield to make it past the later sections.

It’s a great little adventure with fairly simple, but fun gameplay, a delightfully silly story and some excellent pixel art animation. It’s the in-jokes and witty tongue-in-cheek writing that really makes Hawk 51 a must play though – it never takes itself too seriously and there are some hilarious little moments. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Hawk 51 Here (Windows)