Haydee – Beta Demo


Haydee is a third person puzzle platforming action adventure in which you play as a ‘interestingly’ designed half-human half-robot named Haydee, as you attempt to navigate levels while camera angles tend to focus on one of her well proportioned ‘attributes’.

We’ll just come out and say it – the developer of Haydee is definitely an ass man.  A lot of love and care has obviously gone into that Haydee’s shapely curves and that hypnotic hip-swinging walk.  Then there’s the choice of camera angles – lets just say if the game zoomed into her behind any further then it’d no longer be an action game, it’d be a virtual colonoscopy simulator.

But leaving Haydee’s behind, er.. behind for a moment, Haydee is a promising sci-fi puzzle adventure with puzzles, platforming and droid killing combat.  The current build is still very early in development, so does have a few rough edges that may frustrate (a lack of save points and easy to get lost), but the puzzles are inventive, the combat is fun, it encourages exploration and the gameplay is genuinely challenging.

It’s an interesting game that feels very much like a throwback to old school game design, with no hand holding, no health regeneration, limited inventory slots and a challenging difficulty level that will happily punish you for your mistakes.  Just be warned, it can be a little hard to focus on the action when that posterior if fighting for your attention!

Note: If the demo doesn’t run, you’ll probably have to Delete OpenAL32.dll in the demo root folder run OpenALInstall.exe

Note 2: The current demo build features 2 gameplay sections – white (tutorial), green and a part of red. It’s not actually possible to ‘complete’ the demo as some items you need are locked in other sections, but it’s a good taster of things to come.

Check Out The Haydee Greenlight Page Here

Download the Beta Demo Here or Here (Windows)