HAZAMA_QUEEN is a retro styled Anime roguelite first person shooter where you use your Yami (dark/evil) hand to deliver powerful blows while using your left hand to use weapons.

In HAZAMA_QUEEN the year is 202X and the world has gone to Hell. To save the world you (a JI-RAI-K make-up girl) now need to enter Hell and kill all the demons in fast-paced roguelite FPS combat. You can equip various firearms and magical weapons (such as decapitated heads that shoot through their eyes) in your left hand and in your right you can unleash powerful Yami attacks.

It’s a wonderfully absurd looking game that promises plenty of fast paced retro FPS action and plenty of personality. Sign up for the Beta to do some anime style demon hunting!

Sign Up For The HAZAMA_QUEEN Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)