Hazelnut Bastille – Alpha Demo

hazelnut Bastille download

Hazelnut Bastille is a beautifully animated old school top down adventure game that draws inspiration from Link to the Past and Super Metroid, with you playing a young woman who searches an ancient civilization for answers after a great tragedy befell her.

The gameplay in Hazelnut Bastille is fondly reminiscent of Link to the Past, with you solving puzzles, discovering secrets, discovering new weapons and equipment, chatting to NPC’s, battling enemies and taking part in big boss fights. It draws from the SNES era of JRPG gaming with its gameplay and world design, complete with some absolutely gorgeous pixel artwork that really makes the game world come alive.

The game world is inspired by 18th Century Europe (but with a lot more magic and monsters), where myths are aplenty and nobody has a clear idea of any history that dates back any more than 200 years. After a tragic event, your heroine sets out on a quest to search for answers, travelling to a far away land that’s rumored to be the home of a lost civilization of the golden age.

The current demo build lets players loose in one of its dungeons and can offer some pretty challenging old school game play – especially during the boss fights. To progress you’ll fight your way through enemy-filled rooms, solve puzzles battle bosses and unlock new abilities that allow you to progress further (as in a metroidvania).

It’s a very impressive game that really scratches that Link to the Past itch and then some. The fantastic pixel artwork, diverse enemy design, female protagonist with an interesting story, puzzles, boss fights and fun dungeon crawling action make for an adventure that could easily eclipse Link’s top down RPG adventures. Highly recommended.

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