He-Man – Alpha Demo

He-Man Game

We featured the rather excellent He-Man side scrolling beat-em up a while ago on ABG, but there have been some recent additions that now make this a must play – Lion-O and Skeletor!

Skeletor, She-Ra , Ram-Man , Teela and Lion-O now join the ranks of He-Man, Man at Arms, Sorceress and Orko as playable characters in this awesome four player beat-em-up that pays homage to some of the greatest (and cheesiest) cartoons ever made.

The game now features 9 stages in story mode, 23 stages in versus mode and one big boss.  As well as looking great, it’s full of authentic music, sound fx and soundbites that make this fan made game feel as authentic as an official He-Man action toy.

Skeletor is as cacklingly awesome as ever and the welcome addition of Lion-O means there’s hope for Panthro or Mumm-Ra to join the fold too.  Hopefully Snarf won’t make an appearance (but he would make a good punching bag).

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)