He Who Watches – Alpha Demo

He Who Watches is an inventive gravity-bending first person puzzle game where you use a bow and can walk along walls and ceilings.

In each level of He Who Watches you need to use your bow to activate switches and make your way to the exit. You have no free aim of your bow (movement is much like an Eye of the Beholder style dungeon crawler), so you need to be in-line with switches to be able to shoot them. Thankfully you do have the ability to walk up walls though, which allows you to traverse the levels in clever ways.

It’s still early in development but the core gameplay and puzzle design in He Who Watches are very creative. The simple combination of your bow and wall-walking skills allow for some remarkably complex spatial puzzles. A very inventive puzzler that really hits the target.

Download The He Who Watches Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Linux)