Healer’s Quest – Beta Demo

Healers Quest game

Healer’s Quest is a joyful and mirth-some Terry Pratchett-inspired RPG adventure in which you play a healer in a band of less than accomplished and rather amoral adventurers who rush into combat with no thought for their safety.

With your companions being so inept at avoiding damage and oblivious to their danger, it’s a good thing that you’re on hand to heal them and shower them with buffs. It’s a fun and unique take on the classic RPG genre, and considering you’re only playing a single character, there’s a lot to do and a surprising amount of tactics involved. You can’t just spam the ‘heal’ button in Healer’s Quest, keeping companions at their optimal health levels (which isn’t just their full health) and timing the use of buffs is paramount.

The gameplay is only half the fun of Healer’s Quest though – it’s full of charming artwork and genuinely funny humor that will make you laugh even before you’re done creating your character. Much like in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, heroes are in fairly short supply in Healer’s Quest, instead you have a ridiculous bunch of ragtag characters who may inadvertently do some good deeds, but for the most part they’re in it for themselves.

It’s a well written adventure and well crafted adventure, filled with witty dialogue and funny in-jokes as your rather unloyal band of dangerous idiots fight their way through this fabulous hand painted world. Who’d of thought playing a healer could be so much fun?

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