Heart & Slash is a fantastic looking fast paced 3d brawler/roguelike inspired by Bayonetta, Mega Man and ADOM.  You control Heart, a malfunctioning robot who’s fighting for its identity against the minions of standardization, you want to be unique, you want to be LOVED.

Heart & Slash is a wonderful game, the levels are short, fast paced, procedurally generated, brutal affairs that really will test your skill.  With over 75 different weapons and 60 different body parts allowing for thousands of unique combinations.  The weapons are fun and varied, while body parts allow you to teleport, stop time, fly, wall-jump, discover enemy weaknesses and so on.  Heart & Slash thrives on variety.

Heart & Slash manages to feel retro while also feeling fresh and unique at the same time, it’s a wonderful piece of robotic roguelike brutality.  Johnny 5 is alive and kicking ass.

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Visit the Kickstarter page & download the Alpha HERE (Win & Mac)