Heartworm – Beta Demo

Heartworm is a Lo-Fi suburban survival horror game that draws inspiration from 90’s classics as a young woman attempts to contact the dead.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a couple of years ago, Heartworm is a PS1 styled fixed camera survival horror adventure that draws inspiration from Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis. In the game you follow the story of a young woman who has been struggling to deal with the death of a loved one and is in search of a way to contact them from beyond the grave. She’s heard of an abandoned house which is said to contain a mysterious door which can take her to the other side.

The gameplay in Heartworm is very much akin to a traditional 90’s survival horror adventure with fixed camera angles, limited inventory slots, puzzle solving and tank controls. Rather than a traditional weapon you use an old camera to take pictures of the enemies, with each snap snapping their health until they die. It’s a good system that can get pretty tense as the glitchy monsters close in – especially as they teleport a little each time you snap them.

At the moment some of the early areas feel a little empty (which will likely be rectified in future builds), but other than that Heartworm’s shaping up to be an excellent piece of old school survival horror. It’s got an interesting story, the retro styled visuals are excellent and it has a fun twist on classic survival horror combat. A dalliance in the land of the dead that you won’t regret dropping in on.

Check Out A Heartworm Gameplay Video Here

Download The Heartworm Beta Demo Here (Steam)