Heaven Dust – Beta Demo

Heaven Dust is a Resident Evil inspired isometric survival horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a mysterious mansion filled with puzzles, zombies and deadly traps.

The gameplay and setting of Heaven Dust is very much inspired by the 90s Resident Evil games, but with a chibi/anime visual style and more of a focus on puzzles. In the game you wake up in a strange mansion where scientists have been carrying out experiments on a virus named “Heaven Dust” which is thought to hold the secret of immortality. However, it seems that the virus is only really useful for making the dead live forever and an outbreak has caused the entire mansion to become filled with the shuffling undead remains of the scientists.

To escape the mansion you’ll need to search for clues, solve puzzles, scavenge for weapons and battle zombies. You have a limited inventory as in Resident Evil and there are even some very familiar looking plants that you can use to heal yourself. Due to the visual style, the isometric camera angle and the fact that your gun auto-locks on enemies, combat is a lot easier than Resident Evil and it’s not nearly as scary. Heaven Dust isn’t really trying to be as scary as Resident Evil though – it’s much more focused on the puzzle elements of the gameplay and you’re far more likely to die from failing to figure out a trap than from a zombie attack.

It borrows a lot from Resident Evil, but Heaven Dust’s isometric puzzle-focused take on the survival horror genre feels very different from Capcom’s classic series. Not as scary, but a lot more cerebral – you’ll have to think to survive this zombie infested mansion!

Note: The current build of Heaven Dust starts up with Chinese as the default language. You can change it in the options menu though (4th option down on the main title screen)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Heaven Dust Beta Demo Here (Windows)