Heavenly Bodies – Alpha Demo

Heavenly Bodies is a tricky zero gravity QWOP-like where you use your hands and arms to help your 1970’s cosmonaut complete scenarios in space.

Currently in development by 2pt Interactive, Heavenly Bodies tasks you with completing various objectives while struggling to propel yourself around weightless environments in space. With no gravity to allow your feet to get any traction you need to use your hands to grab onto structures and them move your arms to move your cosmonaut. Each arm is controlled independently with a different analog stick with you able to grab with the trigger buttons and tuck in your legs with the trigger buttons.

The Heavenly Bodies demo build features gives you 10 minutes to complete a scenario which involves you making your way through a space station and escaping via an escape pod. It takes a little time to get used to your movement, but once you do then you’ll be surprised that you can carry out other tasks that require a bit more finesse – such as opening airlocks, winding open solar sails and using a crowbar to open a door.

The audio and visual design of Heavenly Bodies is excellent, with the game doing a great job of building a sense of drama as you helplessly flap about the space station. As with all great physics-based QWOP-likes, its unwieldy zero gravity control scheme is a lot of fun to wrestle with and it can allow for a surprising amount of precision once you master it. You’ll never look as graceful as they do in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but with a bit of skill (and a bit of luck) you’ll get the job done!

Download The Heavenly Bodies Alpha Demo Here (Only Available Until 6pm GMT Today)