Heavens Below – Prototype Download

Heavens Below

Heavens Below is beautiful pixel art underwater metroidvania/Moon Lander hybrid that equal parts frustrating and relaxing due to it’s interesting blend tough gameplay and tranquil atmosphere.

In Heavens Below You control a cute little goldfish shaped submarine which must squeeze through tight gaps, collect items and open doors to reach the bottom of an abyss.  This requires some real precision driving as your little sub can only take a few hits from collisions with walls and other obstacles before it disintegrates and you die.  There’s no shooting in Heavens Below, you simply have to master precision manoeuvring and activate switches to open doors or illuminate the darkness of the abyss.

In contrast to the challenging, frustration-inducing gameplay, the aesthetics and audio design work in harmony to create a wonderful zen-like underwater atmosphere, that really calms your nerves and makes exploring the depths of the abyss a wonderful experience.  For the adventurous (and more skilful pilots), there are also secrets to discover, with five hidden logs, and two possible endings.

With it’s Zen-like atmosphere and challenging gameplay, it’s a joy exploring the murky depths of Heavens Below.  It’s the Lion Fish of the sea – beautiful, but very deadly.

Download the Heavens Below Prototype HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)