Heaven’s Point – Pre-Alpha Demo

Heaven’s Point is a funny retro styled beat ‘em up adventure with puzzle elements and a great sense of humor, which sees you drawing strength from your violent past as you attempt to defeat the gang who has kidnapped your dearest friend.

Heaven’s Point features a retro visual style fondly reminiscent of River City Ransom, but you’re not just walking through side scrolling levels and beating up bad dudes.In fact the actual beat ‘em up gameplay only accounts for a small fraction of the current demo’s 15 minute play time.

Like most cities, the majority of the people on the streets of Heaven’s Point are everyday civilians – you can beat them up for cash if you like, but they won’t offer much challenge. The actual beat ‘em up gameplay against the bad guys happens up back alleys – there’s only one main encounter in the demo and it’s not particularly tough, but it’s fun and even has a little mini-boss to deal with. The environment is much more interactive than a traditional beat ‘em up, with you able to look at, pick up and use objects or talk to other people like in a point and click adventure. You can also call people on your phone and can even drop by a shop and buy some beers and a smut mag if you like!

The current demo build of Heaven’s Point does end just as it’s getting started, but it’s a great taster of things to come. The pixel art animation is excellent, the synthesiser filled 80’s styled soundtrack is superb and the level of interactivity and variety of gameplay is to be commended. A retro beat ‘em up adventure where your fists don’t always have to do the talking. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Heaven’s Point Demo Build Here (Click On “Try Our Demo Now”)