Heavy Duty Challenge – Open Beta

Heavy Duty Challenge is a realistic extreme off-road racing simulation game where you compete in trials using a variety of heavy duty vehicles to traverse some seriously challenging courses.

Featuring officially licenced content of the Eorpa Truck Trial and 12 real-life trucks to take for a spin, Heavy Duty Challenge is an extreme off-road racing simulation game where you’ll be lucky to make it to the finish line at all, let alone get a good time! Each track delivers a real challenge as you attempt to navigate them with your rugged multi-wheeled behemoths.

With its realistic off-road physics, tricky obstacles and deformable rocky terrain, Heavy Duty Challenge very much focuses on simulation over arcade thrills. You can’t just sink the foot and go for it, you need to switch between different gears and differential set-ups. Much like the real sport, it takes real skill to master and mistakes can be disastrous. Hop into the Beta to see if you’ve got the skills to conquer its rocky terrain.

You Can Give Feedback Via Discord

Claim Your Heavy Duty Challenge Open Beta Key Here (Runs Until the 18th of Jan)