Heavy Metal Machines – Open Beta (Steam)

Heavy Metal Machines Open Beta

Heavy Metal Machines is a fun, explosion-filled multiplayer vehicular combat game that draws inspiration from Rock’n’Roll Racing, Rocket League and Twisted Metal as teams of racers attempt to capture a bomb and deliver it into the opponents base.

Your aim in Heavy Metal Machines is to blow up your opponents base with a big glowing bomb. To plant the bomb at the opponents base, the player carrying the it must make it around the whole circuit without dropping the bomb. Other players can take shortcuts to get to the action quicker, but the carrier has to take the long way around. As well as having to deal with hazards such as lava and droppers (areas that make you drop the bomb), you also have to contend with the other team who (understandably) aren’t too keen on having their base blown up!

Everybody in each team fall into three different roles – Transporters, Support and Interceptors. Transporters have resistance, speed and agility that help them transport the bomb, Support protects and repairs the Transporter and the Interceptors fight off the enemy or attempt to steal the bomb from the enemy. Each to the games characters also has their own special abilities that not only assist you in the heat of the action but look pretty badass as well! Perhaps the coolest thing about the game is the soundtrack though – each character has their own music based on their style – ranging from techno to redneck rock!

It’s a great looking game that’s come a long way since we featured it during the closed Beta sign ups last year. Fast paced and fun vehicular warfare packed full of carnage and kick ass tunes!

Download The Open Beta Here (Steam)