Heeey! Park-Boy! – Prototype Download

Heeey! Park-Boy! is an adorable little casual gardening sim/adventure game that draws inspiration from Chibi-Robo and Katamari Damacy, as a cute little alien attempt to bring a bit of happiness to the world by growing flowers.

In Heeey! Park-Boy! you take control of Yuu-Boy, a adorable little alien whose spaceship is powered by happiness. Unfortunately while flying through space he strayed a little too close to a planet called Earth, whose happiness levels couldn’t power a calculator, let alone a spaceship. Yuu-Boy’s ship promptly plummeted out of the air and landed in an old abandoned park. With the happiness levels of Earth low as they currently are there’s no way to power Yuu-Boy’s ship, but if he fixes up the park and spreads a little happiness you never know what can happen!

The gameplay in Heeey! Park-Boy! is simple, fun and totally stress free. There’s no way to fail and the progression system feels similar to an incremental clicker, with you earning a steady stream of unlocks for your garden tending efforts. The main thing you do is water plants to make them grow, then play some cheesy music on your keyboard to make the plants scatter seeds. As you progress you’re able to unlock upgrades, such as furnishings for the park, a better water gun and a park buggy you can drive around the park in.

Even in its current prototype stage of development, Heeey! Park-Boy! is a very addictive little game and the plant growing gameplay makes for a very cheerful and chilled out experience. It’s a delight spending time with little Yuu-Boy and playing the game may not actually make the world a happier place, but it’ll certainly make your world a happier place.

Important Note: Behind the ship there’s a gap in the wall where you can go to sell flowers and busk for cash. Cash can be spent on the console inside your ship to buy upgrades.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Heeey! Park-Boy! Prototype Here (Windows)