Heels On Fire – Game Jam Build

Heels On Fire is a very silly and oddly addictive little game where 80’s action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme does the splits between two speeding trucks.

Created for the Pirate Software game jam, Heels On Fire is a homage to the classic Volvo advert where Van Damme does the splits between two 18 wheeler trucks. It’s a high score chasing game, with you earning more points for spreading Van Damme’s legs as far as possible without destroying the trucks or pulling his legs off.

You control each truck independently allowing you to control the width of JCVD’s splits. However, there are hazards on the road that you need to try and avoid, and if you spread too far his legs (and head!) will fall off. You can also pick up tokens that give you alternate costumes, including the original Volvo ad outfit, Kingpin and Anubis.

It’s a simple, but challenging and addictive little game with a hilariously ridiculous premise and a suitably ridiculous soundtrack. The Muscles from Brussels definitely made it look easier in the advert!

Play Heels On Fire Here (Browser)