Heidelberg 1693 – Alpha Demo

Heidelberg 1693 is a beautifully animated Castlevania-esque side-scrolling action adventure where a Musketeer fights his way through hordes of monsters and enemy soldiers to protect King Louis XIV from a power-hungry relative.

Taking place in 17th century Heidelberg, Germany, Heidelberg 1693 sees you taking control of a Musketeer who has been dispatched to kill the “Moonking” – an illegitimate relative of King Louis XIV who is attempting to steal the throne. It seems that the Moonking has been dabbling in the dark arts though as undead, ghouls and monsters walk the streets attacking anything that moves (including each other and enemy soldiers).

The current build of Heidelberg 1693 features three levels and one boss fight. It plays a little like the classic side-scrolling Castlevania games and offers a real challenge as you fight your way through the beautifully animated streets of Heidelberg. You are equipped with a rapier sword and a musket to aid your fight against the undead and the rival soldiers. The rapier is handy for close quarters combat and the musket can do some serious damage from range but it also has a long reload time (you literally have to pour gunpowder and shot into it).

It feels punishingly tough at times, but once you get to grips with its old school difficulty level, Heidelberg 1693 is a very enjoyable slice of side-scrolling arcade action. The artwork is excellent, the combat is fun and you really need your wits about you to survive the monster infested streets of Heidelberg.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Heidelberg 1693 Alpha Demo Here (Windows)