Helena – Beta Demo

Helena is a beautiful hand drawn adventure about an elderly man who recalls key moments of his life while chatting with his grandson.

In Helena players will be able to relive important moments of an old man’s life on the streets of Oporto, Portugal. The man in question is called Armando, and is based on the game designer’s actual grandfather. He’s had a difficult and interesting life and in Helena you’ll be able to experience some of it with him.

The demo build of Helena sees you writing a letter as you wander through the streets of Cais da Ribeira, Oporto, Portugal. The streets are packed full of great little details and every now and again you stop to write the letter. At which point you need to select which words to place into the gaps in Armando’s sentences before carrying on.

The gameplay is fairly simple, but it’s a wonderful experience joining Armando as he takes in the sights and sounds of Oporto. The beautiful hand drawn visuals are packed full of character and the soundtrack influenced by traditional Portuguese music really helps set the scene. An uplifting and heartfelt adventure full of rustic charm.

Download the Helena Beta Demo Here (Windows)