Hell Hunt – Alpha Download

Hell Hunt is a brutal and blood-splattered 90’s inspired old school run ‘n gun FPS where a demon hunter enters Hell in search of vengeance.

Drawing inspiration from classics like Doom, Quake and Blood, in Hell Hunt it’s the demons that should be scared because you’re bringing the fight to them! The game moves and feels like a classic Quake era shooter, with fluid movement, powerful guns, plenty of gore, key cards and secret areas, but it does throw in some welcome modern ideas too.

You can trigger a very cool bullet-time effect when killing enemies (usually by headshotting them) which allows you to watch with glee as their body erupts into bloody chunks in slow motion. You also have the ability to dash/air-dash and you have a throwing katana that can do some serious damage.

The current build of Hell Hunt features two levels and takes around 40 minutes to play through. There’s a nice selection of enemies to deal with and a nice variety of high power weaponry to dispatch them with. The gameplay is fast, fluid and a whole lot of fun, feeling very much like a classic 90’s shooter updated for a modern era. Old school demon-blasting gameplay done right. Highly recommended.

Download Hell Hunt Here (Windows)

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  1. Hey, just a headsup. Playing this game on your YouTube channel could catch a threat from a developer of an entirely different game called Hell Hunt. Be careful. Got an email about it earlier today.

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