Hell Hunt GB – Game Jam Build

Hell Hunt GB is a fun little Game Boy styled FPS where you blast your way through three demon-filled levels in search of your dual-katanas.

Created for 7dfps 2020, Hell Hunt GB is a Game Boy styled demake of the excellent Hell Hunt game currently in development by T19Games. The demake is a fairly simple, but very stylish retro run ‘n gun FPS set across three levels. There are three weapons to find (dual pistols, super shotgun and minigun) and the levels offer a nice amount of challenge as you blast your way through the hordes of demons.

It’s obviously not quite as awesome as the real Hell Hunt game (which we’d highly recommend checking out) but it’s a fun little slice of Game Boy styled retro FPS action that you can blast your way through in a coffee break. Well worth checking out for a bit of retro run ‘n gun fun.

Play Hell Hunt GB Here (Browser)