Hell is other Demons – Alpha Download

Hell is other demons game

Hell is other Demons is an intense, super fast paced bullet hell action platformer in which you blast your way through increasingly overwhelming waves of demons that will really test your reflexes.

Hell is other Demons is a very tough game, especially when you first start out. Enemies swarm at you from all directions and you always feel like you’re on the back foot as you jump around the stage. It’s definitely worth sticking with it though as once you get the hang of it and manage to purchase some upgrades from the shop things really start to get interesting.

Initially you have the ability to run, jump, shoot and use an Ultimate (once it’s charged). You kill the demons by shooting them or by jumping on their heads Mario-style. These slain demons drop gems that can be used in the shop where you can but new weapons, artefacts and Ultimates (that can really come in handy!)

The fast paced combat feels a little like Downwell at times, but with intense bullet hell arenas that are filled with traps and swarming enemies – and very little room to escape them (a good tactic is to bounce on your enemies heads to stay as high up in the air as possible). The difficulty curve in Hell is other Demons is very steep, but you will get better with practice, and unlocking new artefacts, such as the Gun Boots is a godsend.

It’s still early in development, but Hell is other Demons is already a super tough and highly addictive slice of bullet hell demon slaying action. Well worth checking out for a true test of your mettle.

Download & Give Feedback on The Hell is other Demons Alpha Here (Win, Mac or Linux)